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April 2014



Crum Creek

Too Cold to Walk Tonight


The Dream

If You Reach at this Table

Afternoon Snow




The Collector of Lost Things by Jeremy Page

Child of God by Cormac McCarthy

The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart 


Health & Fitness

News & Commentary





The World of White Milk

How You Can Get Into Great Shape While Doing Gym Workout Routine

You Can't Handle the Leisure: America's Shorter Workweek Ahead

Weight Loss: 6 Simple Truths 


I Appreciate Your Comments, M Knight Shyamalan

50th Anniversary of MLK Speech through Toni Morrison's Beloved

When Things Fall Apart: The Nigerian School Massacres

Snowden on the 4th of July: Thoughts of Freedom and Consequence



Science & Technology

Slices of Life



Learning on the Job: 3 Ways Technology is Changing the Job

Interesting Facts About Time Travel: Yes, Time Travel!

The People's Republic of Apps: How People Became App-Reliant

Google Eyeing the Future of Privacy

Tips for Making Better Homebrew

The Middle Class is Gone

Reading: What Is It Good For

All Beef Patties and a Livable Wage

The Naked Truth About Modern Vacations




Arts & Entertainment



Reaching the Top: 5 Steps to Making Your Own Rock Climbing Harness

The Fall to Disgrace: Another Embarrassing Year in Sports

The Worst Article of All Time About the Phillies

Stuart Bradford's Collage

Her: A Short Circuit Look of Falling in Love with Your Computer

Justin Timberlake's New Hit "Mirrors"

Real Life Superheroes



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