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2312: A Beer Drinker's Bar

Courtesy of 2312The Delaware County bar experience is a unique thing.  I’ve partaken in it on a number of occasions over the past ten years.  However, the standard offering is usually an Irish-themed institution, providing the conventional dim lighting, decent hot wings, Miller Lite and Bud Light specials Monday through Friday, and maybe one or two imports, if you’re lucky.  The people are nice, the darts are fair, and the beer is cheap.  All and all, it’s a nice experience, but from bar to bar, it’s not very different…until now.  Because just this past year, one ambitious owner, Jonathan de Souza, decided to try something new in this highly saturated bar county, and turn a former Drexel Hill institution (The Garret Ale House) into the most original, dynamic pub around: 2312 Garrett. 

2312 Garrett opened up back in the late summer of 2010, and in little over a year, it has finally found its crowd of true beer admirers. Continuing to flourish, 2312 has taken advantage of the beer renaissance occurring in Philadelphia over the past five to ten years by pushing the envelope with the most diverse, high-quality offering of taps in all of Delaware County.  If you love beer and want to step outside the box of your overpriced conglomerates of Miller, Bud, and Coors or try something a bit different than Yuengling or Guiness, then 2312 is the place for you.  With an amazing selection of craft beers and unique imports, 2312 is on par with any of the gastropubs currently thriving in Northern Liberties, South Philadelphia, and other gentrified parts of the city. 

De Souza’s bar hasn’t merely succeeded on account of its diverse array of beers though.  It also offers a top of the line menu providing a bit more originality than its conventional competitors.  Fish tacos, fried goat cheese, buffalo chicken egg rolls, and lamb sliders dawn the impressive appetizer menu, in addition to a large selection of burgers, salads, and daily lunch and dinner specials.  All the food is fresh and prepared to order. 

A recent outing with a few friends afforded me the opportunity to try the Pulled Pork, sautéed in homemade barbeque sauce.  Not too much sauce, tender pork, and well-contained with the fresh toasted wheat bread, the meal was complemented perfectly by my Stoudt’s Hefeweizen.  It made for an excellent summer time lunch.   

However, you may come for the food, but you’ll definitely stay for the beer. The best part about 2312 Garrett’s beer choices is they are always changing. Variety is what makes this pub truly stand out on its own. Unlike other Delco bars, it’s willing to try new things.  Most bars find their audience and appease them with the same routine offerings, but not 2312.  Week to week, great beers grace the menu. Each visit you'll find a new high-quality import or microbrew you can’t get anywhere else.  The only problem of 2312, ironically, is the very thing that makes it one of a kind- its assortment of beer.  With over seven rotating taps and twenty different bottled beers, the selection process can sometimes be daunting.  Fortunately though, the incredibly knowledgeable bartending staff is always ready to help you make a palatable decision. 

2312 Garrett offers the best of your local pub- big screen TVs, good food, friendly staff, and patrons. But it also offers something else no other bar has, the best beer collection around. So if you’re tired of the ordinary Delaware County bar scene, and want to try a taste of the growing beer movement of the city without the drive, stop by 2312 Garrett in Drexel Hill.  You won’t be disappointed!  Located at 2312 Garret Rd. Drexel Hill, PA 19026.  Phone # 610-626-9900.   


Reader Comments (1)

It's cool to see a bar distinguish itself in Drexel Hill. The only bars I've been to in Delco with a fairly diverse and varying beer selection have been in Media. This sounds like a welcome addition to the scene.

July 5, 2011 | Registered Commenterbennythejetrodriguez

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